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Here, my photographic tribute to those who call England home. The country's visual appeal starts with its rich history, literally set in stone: structures ranging from the humble to the monumental are everywhere to be found, so ancient they're practically one with the geology. The fabled English Empire's reach once extended into every corner of the planet, her colonies governed from one of the world's first supercities. Yet it is the English countryside which comes to mind when one thinks of a more placid, measured life. To us, their American cousins, their myriad idiosyncrasies and prodigious breadth of dialects and customs are at once baffling -- yet somehow familiar. What's more, these characteristics can be readily interpreted in visual form. This is what I try to present here.

Richard the Lionheart Before Parliament, Westminster. Photograph by Dan Mangan
Waiting for the Bus in Oxford. Photograph by Dan Mangan
Ticketmen, Oxford. Photograph by Dan Mangan
Marching to Work in Windsor.  Photograph by Dan Mangan
Heading Home in Chelsea. Photograph by Dan Mangan
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