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Artist Statement

Digital photography and editing are revolutionizing the artform, adding a dimension to visual expression that, despite a controversial birth, continues to evolve and refine itself. The beneficiaries are artists like me who are on board for a simple reason: digital offers an enticing platform for creative experimentation without the muss and fuss (and considerable expense) of film and chemical darkroom.  But there are ample rewards. With many of my works, I aim to blur the space between photography and painting, blending form, light, and shadow into an image which – at the end –  communicates unique visual appeal. Digital allows – encourages – this.  In so doing, the process has opened a wide range of subjects to my camera, essentially reflections of a lifelong, deeply-felt sense of curiosity. The images in these galleries are the result. 

Creating my art requires heightened observation and focus, thus introducing a considerable element of meditation to the process.  As such, photography and its continuum through the editing process are adjuncts to my sense of sight, and to my desire to record what to me has lasting value.  My task is to focus that visual awareness to the level of a worthy photograph. Once all the elements are in place, light in its myriad forms can then be molded, blended, and nuanced into the final idea. Then comes the ultimate leap of faith: taking it from the purely subjective and releasing it into the shifting sands of outside scrutiny.  It has always been a shot in the dark.    

But that faith is a powerful driver. So I go with my instinct, with what has worked for me. So in the field, my eye is drawn to geometric line and form, balance and contrast, irony, and the correlation of light and shadow. On the street, my camera seeks out ephemeral human behavior which may come and go in a moment.  I always strive to remain essentially true to the view as I originally photographed it – if the potential is lacking when the shutter is pressed, it's not worth saving.  In some cases, I apply selective filters and tonal increments on the platform of that original exposure, much as a painter experiments before he or she is satisfied with a canvas.  The final limited edition, signed print is made using archival pigment inks on archival acid-free paper, resulting in a lightfast image that will remain vibrant for close to a century.

Contact me directly with inquiries on purchasing unframed prints, pricing, and size availability.  Use the contact form on this website, or email me at danmangan@me.com.